I’m not a can’t do person, I’m a can do, will do, must do and need to do person. So when I’m told by a medical professional that I must slow my volunteer work down, I begin to slowly think of how crazy I’m going to be within 2 weeks. I also begin to pray […]

Puerto Rico…Almost Like Praying!

Thanks to Lin Manual Miranda for inspiring this blog post.   Sixteen years ago, the world came together in a way I’d never seen before in my life. I was filled with a sense of comfort. I felt stronger. I certainly stopped feeling alone. Since then, the world has seen other terrorist acts, they’ve seen […]

Why? When?

Why do we hate? Because we don’t agree on the same things? Why do we hate? Because we have different beliefs? Why do we hate? Because I don’t look like you? Why do we judge? Because I don’t do the things that you do? Why do we condemn? Because we think for ourselves and are […]

I Didn’t Know.

  When my daughter was eight, she’d come into my room one morning, noticing a jar filled with coins. “Wowsa mom! That’s a lot of coin there,” She said, and I knew she had visions of what we were going to do once we counted it. “That’s my Random Acts of Kindness jar.” “What’s that […]