I’ve Learned-




  I’ve learned that letting go doesn’t mean goodbye.

Letting go means moving on.

Letting go means growth in mind and spirit.

Letting go means that I am no longer a prisoner of my pain and someone else’s pleasure (in hurting me).


I’ve learned…

That seeking help does not make you weak.

 I’ve learned the difference between being alone and being lonely.


I’ve learned that yes, things do happen for a reason and while I may not always understand the reason, I know in the end it’ll all make sense.

I’ve learned the the journey is sometimes better than the destination.

I’ve learned to embrace the good with the bad because with each experience I become a better and stronger woman.

I’ve learned to count my blessings and never ever let the bitterness of others bring me down.

I’ve learned not to mourn or dwell upon the end of a friendship but instead to remember the joy that was in my life for that time. 


I’ve learned that thinking about the past is okay if you want to relive a happy moment but to look back for any other reason will stop me from going forward. Why look back, that’s not where I’m going.

But I’ve also learned from my past mistakes, otherwise I have to keep taking the same test over and over again.

I’ve learned that one argument or disagreement with someone should not dictate the rest of your relationship.

I’ve learned that sometimes when it rains, it’s not just about Mother Nature taking care of her world, it’s about God giving me the chance to think about mine.




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