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Welcome To My World

Hola! Bienvenido and Hello…

Welcome to My World.    

        Writing can be a lonely process. You get the urge to put thought on paper, you start clicking away at the keys, you finally find that one line, that one word that makes the whole writing process just right and then….. there’s no one around to share it with. And when you do find someone, a new anxiety begins…     

           You hope they “get” what you are trying to say. You hope they at least understand it, but most of all you want them to love it as much as you do. And you wait with bated breathe hoping that something good and positive will result. You try to read their body language, you try to comprehend what’s going through their minds by the images their face portrays and little by little you drive yourself more crazy than when you were when you began putting thought to paper. But in the end, it’s all about the writing. The passion. The love. And if they like what you wrote, you walk away taller than when you first were when you walked into their space. And if they don’t like it, you walk out a bit shorter trying not to feel defeated but by the time you sit back down and begin typing again, you think to yourself, “Oh what do they know any way?”        

              Writing has been a passion of mine for years. After years of writing this and that and growing frustrated, I finally decided to do something, anything that would help me focus on this endeavor of mine. I found myself one morning in a room with several other women who shared the same passion, frustration and dream. We were all there, taking time from our daily routines and devoting it to us, for us and all about us.     

         Before I knew it, our class was over and we all went our separate ways. I remembered coming home that last day on the bus wondering, “Is that all there is?” I put writing aside and focused on family life again but the fires kept burning. Well, we connected again several months later and as a result – SCRIBBLERS was born and here we are; writing, dreaming, frustrated, excited and blogging!       

          It wasn’t easy putting a blog together. That meant that I would be sharing my work but not being able to read the body language or observe the looks on the faces as my words were read. Once I got past that neurosis and realized it was one less thing to stress out about, I then had to find the courage to let go of the fear of sharing.

And here I am.      

Thanks for being here.                    





25 thoughts on “Grab a cup of Java and join me…

  1. Congratulations to everybody at Scribblers INK! I think it’s great that you are pursuing what you love. Keep up the hard work!

    All the best,


  2. Writing has been a passion with me longer then I can remember. As a very young person – junior high – I wrote mostly poetry and short stories. My writing is more for myself though I have let family read a few things over the years. It is great to read that others have the same passion. I will visit often to read your site! Thanks!

  3. Safire- Are you still with Sparkpeople? I joined 3/23, and have started a Sarcoidosis Support group. Are you itereseted in talking? Send me an email, thanks. Pauline

  4. BRAVO! I’m still undecided but you do make a valid point. Do we pick the lesser of two evils? Do we keep the Republican and fight a war that’s none of our business making our country lose billions each year? This is a tuff one. We all need to do our homework, study hard. Hey what’s going on with your book? No more postings on the chapters. You left us hanging.

  5. I have taken to reading one of your pieces each evening before I hit the sack. You are truly a wonderful writer and you write just about anything. You have left me hanging with your entry from the book. TSK!TSK! But I’m sure life goes on when you are writing and something has stopped you from moving forward but please please write some more.

  6. You are one funny lady and just when I think I’m going to read something else tht’s just as funny, I find myself reading something profound.

    Somethings Never Change was just beautiful. Don’t tell my girl I used that fraze. She thinks I’m sappy. But I could feel the grass and I could visualize the blue sky and I was that child.

    The dating article you wrote about your daughter was hysterical. I have a daughter. Now I have more to worry about. But it did put things into perspective. NO matter how old our children are, we will always worry a bout them.

    Have you been any where else besides Italy? I’m sure you have. Please share your experiences. You haven’t written in a long time. Do’t let this blog go away. It’s awesome to find something interesting, fun and inspiring to read online.

    Peace out,
    Mark J


    I know it’s been a while but life, as you know, happens regardless if you write or not. These past few months have been very intense for my family and for myself. Writing has taken a back seat but I have in place of blogging, created a journal that I wrote to ease my mind but when I was half way through, it became more of a gift for my mother.
    I had every intention of posting entries on nights when I had a free moment to myself but instead, I found that I couldn’t. While I love to write, sometimes the words hurt as much as the story I am sharing with others. But I am back. I shall do my best to post all that I had written before my last entry and I shall continue to do my mother proud in completing her story. Stay tuned.
    Thanks for being here and sharing your thoughts with me. They have always encouraged me to move forward

    One more thing….if you notice…I’ve added another blog site…”Sonia Sez”. I put that together because a few friends of mine read some of my past essays and thought that this was something all of you should be a part of.


  8. Sonia I am sitting here laughing my unmuscled butt off at your poolside memories. You have a flair for getting your point across with just a few adjectives that bring strong visual images to mind.
    Thanks for sharing your wit and your point of veiw with us all.

  9. Hi, Sonia! I’ve taken to reading one of your works every couple of days. The most recent were “Pool side moments” and “Am I a Groupie?” What I love most about your work is that it’s real life set to paper. I also love to read your work when I haven’t seen you in a while. It’s like you’re here in my living room on Long Island telling me one of your stories before I start my day or before I settle in for the night. I look forward to reading your work – – it’s hard not to just read it all at once, but then I wouldn’t have more for tomorrow! Keep on writing — you’re a natural 🙂 Hugs to you!

  10. Hi, I just received a link to your works. I sat here and enjoyed “Do I Have to Let Go’ and felt it was a part of me that did the writing. You write with an easy flow and it is real. It made me go deep into my self when our two sons were going off on their own endeavors at ages 20 and then 22. We had shared so much in those first years (lots due to the fact that I have been sickly and homebound so was here on the scene and shared so much by being an interested parent – who cared, shared and knew when to just listen, give a hug and a smile.

    I will be back to read the other postings as my time allows. I am now busy helping to raise a 20 month old great grandson who is full of adventure and loves to play with me – and when feeling a little upset if I get too distracted in something will help “help’ – just to jerk me back into a game, a book or just to sit aside him on the sofa for the latest episode of “Wonder Pets” on Nick Jr.

    I am hooked here.

  11. I love reading your work and I am so glad my friend introduced me to your website. I look forward to reading more

  12. I started reading the story about your mom. I couldn’t quit until the benydrl took over. I will be reading more of your writings. I am impressed.

  13. WOW! That’s all I can say. You write so eloquently. You have such a great sense of humor and the way you write about every day life hits home.
    I do have a confession though. I have to stop reading the story about the outside sister. It’s hard to imagine any one going through this but we are dealing with this with a distant family member and I’m starting to get all choked up because I see from your story that dying is truly a gift when you know about it. some people don’t see it that way. I sure didn’t. Have you read the Last Lecture? I can’t wait to see more of your work. Will definitely be bringing laptop with me to read your other stories and blog postings.


  14. Sonia – I’ve been here many times – I love your writing – I can sit here in Arizona and picture everything you are talking about – you make it an experience, I can feel the love and the heartbreak – the joy and sadness.

    Please continue to post – I’ll be back to read – and when that book gets published – you’ve already sold at least one copy !!!


  15. When will any of your books be pulished? I could read what you write any day. it’s filled with situations that many of us have faced.

  16. I rarely get online to do fun stuff and a friend sent me the link to your blog. I have begun reading at least two posts of yours each day because if one doesn’t make me laugh the other one makes me think. You are a natural and it’s great to read something about true reality. You’ve just made a new fan

  17. I so enjoy your writings, I just wish I could sit and read them all day. Life gets so busy and so hectic. Reading your stories are like a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for sharing. You are so talented!

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