Why I Am Scared.

I was taking a long needed hot bath. I made the mistake of bringing the newspaper in with me. But there it was: Trump wins by a landslide!

Now I know this isn’t the actual Presidential election. And I know we’ve got a year until people wake up and get past the smoke in their heads, and realize that this man, cannot be the next president of the United States.

In the past few months, I’ve had to sit back and really take a long look into the faces of some of my friends. They have put this man on a pedestal and I know they are not racists. I know they are not haters. I know they are good and kind and nice people. I also know that because of all that we have experienced as a nation since 9/11/01, we have changed and we have allowed fear to change who we are and now we are allowing a man with no experience in politics, in anything related to any public office, to feed that fear and believe somehow that he will change the world and bring us back to the America we used to have. The other side to this is that those that stand with him have found a voice to express their true feelings about other nationalities, about hate, about racism. You name it, he spews it and people cheer him on. Some of those people are my friends. I need to believe that they cheer him on not because they believe him but because their fear has gotten the best of them.

What scares me the most? He can say all he wants to say as can all the politicians out there. They say what needs to be said, to get those nominations and eventually the vote. But when he says that he is going to have a wall built in our borders to keep Mexicans out and have them built it themselves, that’s scary but what’s even more frightening are the people that are fist pumping the air, agreeing with him. People that have said in the past he is a clown, he’s a joke and now he is their savior, the man who will bring America back to where it used to be. When did American ever built a wall to keep people out? There’s a lady standing in our harbor, welcoming people into our country because we are a free country. We are a kind country.

When were we ever like wall builders? If he is going to get Mexicans to do that and then deport them, then who is next? African- American’s? Costa Rican’s? Puerto Ricans? Any nationality with CAN at the end of their identity?

I’m all for legalized citizens. Yes, I do think it’s unfair that many of us work hard at two or three jobs, to keep our homes and our families safe and people come here illegally, get benefits we can’t get because we make a dollar or two more than is required. There is a lot that has to be done. I don’t have all the answers. But I know building a wall and singling out a group of people today and another group tomorrow, is not the answer.

When he talks about bombing ISIS and tagging and registering Muslims, what’s next? Will be have my people registered as well? Will we be on the list to get kicked out of the country? I ask this because in the light of what he’s said, I’ve had friends whom I thought knew their history, ask me, “You have nothing to worry about Sonia. Don’t you have your papers from Puerto Rico?”  REALLY?? I’ve stared first until they bring me back to this ugly reality and when I tell them, I’m New – Yorican (not an actual term but one I like because it embraces my spirit as well as my families) because I was born here but I honor my parents heritage and culture but we are Americans regardless because Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States, they ask, ” What’s a commonwealth?” But they have no problem, blindly supporting a man who says, “Puerto Ricans are the worst Mexicans.”

Let me be clear. This isn’t about Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Afro-Americans, or any group of people. This is about a man who says it’s okay to have people kicked out of this country, bomb them, register them and some believe that’s the solution to what we are dealing with today. It’s propaganda. It’s fear mongering. Ladies and Gentlemen, Donald Trump is the Hitler of our time and he’s living in our country. Land of the free because of the brave and he is spitting on all things that was fought for in years past. But somehow, people I thought were compassionate, intelligent and had an ounce of humanity, are putting this clown on a pedestal and we are looking like the bigger clowns all over the country, all over the world. What scares me is that some people do not find anything wrong with what he is saying. What makes me ill is that a man running for president can call another candidate the vile version of a cat, and say it’s just a joke and people still salute him.

They saluted another man many years ago, who fed into people’s fears about more jobs, better schools, a better way of life and when he got what he wanted, he took these very same people that put him in office and changed their lives. The life HE wanted them all to live and he fed into their fear because they allowed him to. Wake up America! Think for yourself. Learn some history. Do the math.

Fifteen years ago, hate came into our backyard. We saw the worst our country had ever seen. But in the days, weeks and months that followed, this country came together in spite of that hate and that fear. People from all over the world, joined together and helped us recover. We stood strong. We were courageous. We were resilient. We stared that hate in the face and did not allow those that did this to us, to destroy the best in us. Fifteen years later, we stand on a memorial built to honor all those that were murdered because of this hate. We honor and remember. We have shown them and the world, through the stories we tell, that they did not win. We didn’t give in to that hate or that fear. We know what this country can do. Let’s go back to believing that and put the right person in office and leave the hate and fear mongering out of it.

And yes, there were hate crimes against others because of 9/11 because they allowed that fear to define them. But today, we, the survivors, the First Responders, the Recovery workers, those that were there in any capacity, we stand tall and proud and remain the country we fought to become years ago and fifteen years ago. But it scares me now, that this man who has never experienced an ounce of that fear, of that loss, can capitalize on that and people are buying into it.

Wake up America! If we want to be the country we used to be, it’s simple. Be good to each other. Respect each other. Learn to understand each others differences so we may stand together as a nation.  Let us not let this Hitler do to us what he did to so many. Today you may not be in his line of attack but tomorrow and the next day, the stronger you make him, the closer you get to having a number tattooed on your arm.

If you can honestly believe that all that he says is truth, that all that he wants to do is the only way, then you will be responsible for helping him change our country. And when it’s your turn to be marked and registered, you can thank yourselves for allowing this man to do what his counterpart in Germany did years ago.





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