Stick a Fork In Me…I’m done

So here’s the thing….

For years, in the name of peace, I have either kept my mouth shut when things were said, which led to me walking away and living in resentment for years…. or I would speak up and say the wrong thing which always led to me being the bad guy… so I figured, shut up and just walk away because you are going to get crapped on either way.

Then I had an epiphany… no ..that’s not the name of a person…

I realized that in the name of peace was not bringing me peace at all. And while I don’t need to tell someone off in the name of standing up for myself either, I don’t have to stay shut while they think they are getting over on me. How insulting is that? Should I stand by and let them get away with that or should I call them on the table and tell them.. either you deal with me on an adult level or get back to me when you have enough respect for me.

So I did just that…and boy does it feel good.

I stood up for myself.

I told those that love me or claim to love me, that with that love comes respect and if they don’t know how to deal with that or give that to me, that’s okay but they can’t be in my life and treat me with anything less than respect.

I feel good.

I’m still going to be the bad guy and that’s cool. Just because someone thinks I am or believes I am, doesn’t make it so. It’s their reality, not mine.

It’ll probably be a little bit lonely in the next few months or so but how is that any different than what I’ve been dealing with all these years? At least this time I’m responsible…for loving MYSELF and RESPECTING myself and demanding nothing less.

Try it.. you might find that the person you stand up for is not so bad at all.


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