The Outside Sister..(Formerly titled:Dancing For My Mother)

Since I started this journal, on the day I found out my mother was dying, I wrote as often as I could. When my mother passed away I didn’t write much in the journal. I picked it up a few weeks after hoping that I could end it on a positive note but the family suffered more loss and so it went  that way for almost a year.

I am please to say that I recently looked into the journal and decided it was time to face my grief, alone, in my own way. The journal was it. There were moments that had me crying for hours and then there were times when I was able to look back on what I had written and saw how much I had changed.

I finished the journal a few weeks ago and I will be posting the edited version soon. For all of you that stopped by to read what I had already written, I thank you for sharing that journey with me. For those of you that asked me to update it, I have, enjoy and please let me know what your feelings are.

Thank you so much for helping me along this difficult journey. I hope when you finish reading it, if you can take anything away from it, I pray that it is about life, the beauty of life, the treasure it is and how to live it to your fullest.

Many Blessings,

March 2008


One thought on “The Outside Sister..(Formerly titled:Dancing For My Mother)

  1. I looked for your excerpt from the Outside Sister and couldn’t find it. You have me intrigued as does all your writing.

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