Excess Baggage


Excess Baggage

December 11, 2006


 A friend of mine, Tommy Harrison, who is the author of the book : “FINDING GOD IN THE VALLEYS” recently sent out a devotional about excess baggage, both physical and emotional. He wrote about the relationship between over packing for a trip (excess baggage) and overpacking your life with past mistakes. I was reminded of how often we all do that in our own lives. I felt compelled to share my own visualization with him and he encouraged me to share with all of you.  ===========================      

  I am an over packer. I have under packer issues. I say each time I go away I will not pack this or that and I pack and unpack over and over again, taking out and putting in. No sooner do I take out and create more room, do I find more things to put in, just in case.  

  I’ve learned. This summer was a great learning experience. I now think about what I absolutely must have on my trip and what I can purchase when I get to my destination. I figure, I’m going to buy some things (like toiletries) for the trip anyway, so why lug it with me when I leave? That’s why they call it LUGgage. The less I have to lug around, the better. I’ve also learned to mix and match outfits so that I can wear several garments over a period of time and not take an outfit for each day. And of course this is the age of the TIDE pen, so I don’t worry about stains any more… most stains.Having admitted to all that…            

 I too see all the luggage in my life as a heavy burden that doesn’t allow me to move forward when I can and should. I’ve learned that I can’t look back all the time because that’s NOT where I’m going. I’ve learned when a burden becomes too much for me to lug around, I stop… drop…and roll. It’s a firemen’s rule to any one caught on fire. But it’s become my rule for spiritual survival.I stop….. thinking of all the bad yesterdays. It’s okay to keep them in mind. They help you not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. But once you’ve learned the lesson, it’s time to move on. So I stop. I stop thinking about the yesterdays so that I can enjoy my today’s and move forward to tomorrow.I drop…. the heavy burden…. Why let all that negativity live rent free in my head?I roll….. forward…It’s the only way to move on.       

And when I can’t get past these three stages, I take the time I need to learn the lesson I’m supposed to learn from all that over packing. Slowly I visualize each item that holds me back and I unpack it… I put it where it belongs. It’s not easy because I tend to hold onto a few pieces. Its odd how sometimes a past that hurts is what brings us a fake sense of comfort. We hang onto the hurt because we think it protects us but it keeps us in fear and it holds us back. And until we are ready to unpack and stop lugging all that excess baggage, we just can’t move on.   

 I like to visualize another scenario. When I have to carry my heavy luggage (the physical one), it’s hard to keep my head up straight. I hunch over.  It hurts my neck, my back and eventually my legs. And for the rest of the day I’m just achy all over, chastising myself for over packing. I do this all the time. And at the end of my trip, I vow never to do this again. Well it’s the same with the extra baggage I carry around in my head. It weighs me down so much that I can’t stand up straight and the pain holds me back from doing what I know I can and should be doing.When that happens… I know it’s time to unpack… (unburden) It’s time for me to have my chat fest with God. And when I do, I’m light as a feather. So start unpacking and stop over packing. It’s time to take that road trip you’re destined to go on.And when all else fails… when you have tried all you can to make your burden lighter, Let Go and Let God. Trust me, he’s already been working with you. He’s just waiting for you unpack your burdens. He’ll take care of the rest.

Copyright © 2006 by Sonia Agron

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One thought on “Excess Baggage

  1. Truly inspiring. I will never look at luggage the same way again. How often have we all tried to move on but can’t because we have all this excess baggage holding us back. Thank you for the eye opener. Truly inspirational. Mind if I share this essay with others?

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