September 11th



It is early morning, can’t get much sleep
I’m standing near the stove
Watching the teapot steep
I’m in a daze, not knowing what to do
While the sun rises brightly
It’s all over the news

My city was attacked, in the early morning day
As children were getting ready
To read, write and play
I still can’t believe it, I’m still in shock
As I change the channels watching
Other countries mock~


My country, my homeland, how could this be?
What did I do to them? Why take it out on me?
I sit and wait for the nightmare to end
For my head to clear
I think of my friends


I’m waiting patiently for someone to say:
“The movie is over, let’s call it a day!”
But that won’t happen, not any time soon
I’ve been sitting here sadly, it’s now 12 noon

What can compel a person to hate?
So much so that they don’t hesitate
To end the smiles of little boys and girls
To tear up families all over the world
What compels such a person to create
This destruction of lives and perpetuate their hate?


“I love you mom” I heard one say
I didn’t expect this to happen today
“I don’t know what’s happened, or when I’ll be home.”
And now his wife sits there all alone.
It’s now day nine and I’m still wondering why
One man’s hatred has caused so many to die
I cannot explain it, don’t think I want to
But there is something that I know we must all do


I wondered just what my responsibility is
What can I do, so that we can continue to live,
In a world of peace, love and harmony?
I don’t know what; it’s all a puzzle to me

I sit and watch the Television news
Just saw the President share his views
He spoke so eloquently, so filled with pride
Honored the heroes at the site where they died
I sat and watched, eyes filled with tears
Part of me angry, still in fear
I can’t hear the music, can’t enjoy a melody
Can’t feel the rhythm, no harmony

I look out the window, can’t recall what I see
Wondering what in the world has come over me
I’m filled with sadness, can’t remember when
Was it the day before yesterday that I spoke to my friend?

Time has stood still for me, it seemed so long ago
That I was out shopping for a picnic
Watching the river flow
I can’t find the laughter, feel guilty when I try
How can I find humor when so many have died?

I suppose one might say

That in time we All will heal.

I know that’s true, but for now,
This is how I feel

So many have asked me”What can I do for you today?
“Can you turn back the clock to
A happier day?

Just the other day, I noticed something has changed
A change in me and it doesn’t feel strange
I look up more often, I ask:”How do you do?”
I appreciate the sky more
If it’s gray, or bright blue.

I stop and smell the flowers embracing natures joy,
I enjoy
The blaring sound in the parks
of all the girls And boys.
I hug a little bit longer as they all  leave
I now look at my family differently
I have enjoyed these simple things
And do not hesitate to share
my profound feelings with love
in spite of one mans hate.

We cannot let him do this, I know
This much is true. Because while he has
Hate in his heart
We’ve got the RED WHITE AND BLUE
I’ve been busy making ribbons
To honor those that died
To show my love for my fellow man
And to honor them with pride
Not one mans hate should stop any of you
Don’t matter what he’s got
It don’t beat the
Have you noticed something people?
Have you looked around you today?
Every flag is waving proudly, in the Beautiful USA
Today I’m not Latina or a devoted Democrat
Today I am an American
You can’t get better than that

I know why he did this
Why he came to our city
To take away our happiness
To mock our liberty
He did not succeed at all cause united we will stand
We will show him just how free we are by loving our fellow man
God Bless America
Land that I love
When in my darkest hours
I just need to look above
And see waving so proudly
The symbol that comforts me
I am a proud American
And I am FREE!




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