In Dying—You Can Live



In Dying—You Can Live


I’ve never met this person before. I just know her through Gospelines.Her name is Theresa.         

Theresa is derived from the name Terence. Terence means good and gracious.

How can a woman I’ve never met inspire me in so many ways?

She’s dying. She knows she’s dying.

Her family and friends are having a hard time of accepting this. They see her in pain, distress and misery and yet her attitude is energetic.She’s making arrangements and putting things in order for when she’s gone.All while in pain.

She’s happy. She can’t wait to meet God.

And I wonder…..If someone told you …. you were dying… what would you do?

Would you be angry?
Would you be furiously angry?

Would you shut yourself off from the world and stay in misery?

What would you do?

Would you have the courage she has to accept the inevitable?
Would you be able to go to sleep knowing you might not see tomorrow?

Would you be able to make peace with those that have hurt you, those you have hurt?
What would you do?

Think about it.

Really think about it.This has weighed heavily on my mind for days.How can this woman,this woman who is in pain, agony and distress be able to do what she’s doing to go home? Doesn’t she think about leaving her loved ones behind? Doesn’t she think about missing them? What really goes through a person’s mind when they are at death’s door? What’s going through her mind?

She talks about her pain while making a joke.She lies in her bed as cards, letters and poems are read to her and you can hear her smiling. You can feel her joy. You can sense her serenity, her acceptance.She finds joy in sadness. She finds positive in negativity.

She’s dying and she can still live!

She’s waiting to go home and in the meantime, she’s doing what so many people never get a chance to do… .

She’s saying goodbye.

She’s saying I love you as many times as she can.

She’s living all her last moments to the fullest.

Pain be damned!

In thinking about all of these things I realized….I wasn’t thinking about her….

I was thinking about me.What would I do?Simply put….I’d do a TheresaGod Bless You Theresa…. may your journey be a good one…Thank you for sharing the journey with me.   


You have been on my mind for so many days.

I haven’t been able to think of much to say

I wanted to tell you that you are so brave

But then I am shamed because I’m not the same

How do you find the strength to be so strong?

How do you live in pain for so long?

How do you do all of this knowing the end?

And still reach out to family and friends?

Blessed are you for being so strong

For hanging in there and singing your song

I am honored to have shared this journey with you

Even though we haven’t met I know this to be true

If I could feel this way not having seen

Then when it’s my turn to journey

My faith will be supreme

You have shown me true courage and strength

In the midst of pain, sorrow and distress

You won’t be missed Theresa

 For your life will live on

You’ll just be with the Lord Jesus carrying on.

Copyright © 2006 by Sonia Agron –

Word count – 577


One thought on “In Dying—You Can Live

  1. Wow, this is pretty powerful. Things I’ve never thought about before. I’ve lost my mother and two of my sisters. My sister Betty fought a long tough fight with ovarian cancer. She was much like Theresa, always thinking of others and trying to make us comfortable when she was the one dying and in so much pain. This is an awesome story and the writer has put tears in my eyes while making me look at things a bit differently.

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